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Human Resource Management Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Presenters: Paula Pelisserio, BA, MS, PHR
Week 1: Understanding Human Resources Management (HRM)
1 Five Core Areas of HRM
2 Key Employment Laws/Regulations
3 Human Resources Functions
4 How Managers Work With HR Functions
Week 2: Major Employment Laws Impacting HRM
1 Differentiating Between Discrimination and Adverse Impact
2 Laws Associated With Interviewing
3 How State Laws Supersede Federal Laws
4 Organization Size and Its Impact on Which Federal Laws to Follow
Week 3: Staffing Management: Right Job, Right Person, Right Time
1 Writing Job Descriptions
2 Creating Interview Questions for the Job
3 Steps for Selecting and Hiring
Week 4: Compensation
1 The Elements That Make Up Total Compensation
2 Legally Required Elements of Compensation
3 How to Value Non-Wage Based Benefits
4 The Value of Indirect and Nonfinancial Benefits
Week 5: Staff Development
1 Training vs. Development
2 Career Planning vs. Organizational Development
3 Developing a Needs Assessment for Yourself
4 Create Your Own Career Plan
Week 6: Performance Management
1 Establishing Performance Metrics
2 Aligning Individual Performance Goals to Organizational Goals
3 Writing an Effective Performance Improvement Plan
4 Identifying Performance Measures and Metrics
5 Managing Staff Performance
Week 7: Compensation Management
1 Analyzing Elements of Benefits to Determine Value vs. Cost
2 How Compensation Programs Impact Hiring and Retention
3 Federally Required Forms of Benefits and Indirect Compensation
4 Creating a Simple Compensation Structure
Week 8: Employee Relations and Handbooks
1 Insights on Managing Staff
2 Uses of an Employee Handbook
3 How to Operationalize HRM Principles in Writing a Handbook
4 Legal/Compliance Requirements of an Employee Handbook
5 Managing Difficult Employee Issues
6 Creating an Employee Handbook Table of Contents for Your Organization