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Legal Issues in Human Resource Management Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Presenters: Margot O’Brien Cleveland, BS, CPA, JD
Week 1: American Legal System
1 Branches and Roles of the Federal Government
2 Classifications and Sources of Law – State and Federal
3 Functions of Various Federal and State Agencies
4 Jurisdiction and Basic Court Structure and Procedures
Week 2: Employment Relationships
1 Importance of Employee Handbooks
2 Legal Aspects of Different Employment Relationships
Week 3: Employment Discrimination
1 Anti-Discrimination Statutes
2 Protected Classifications
3 Employment Discrimination Claims
Week 4: Employment Discrimination: Preventing and Defending
1 Methods of Proving Discrimination Claims
2 The Role of the EEOC
3 Typical Course Proceedings for Discrimination Cases
4 Discrimination Issues and How to Prevent Them
Week 5: FMLA and FLSA
1 Who Is Covered Under FMLA and FLSA?
2 Four Types of Covered Leave Under FLMA
3 Potential Issues With FMLA and FLSA
4 Compliance With and Enforcement of FMLA and FLSA
Week 6: Labor Law
1 History Behind Federal Labor Law
2 Section 7 Rights and Their Effect On Employees and Organizations
3 Actions That Can Be Taken and Rights Associated With Each
4 The Purpose, Structure, and Abilities of the NLRB
Week 7: Tort Liability
1 Tort Law and How It Applies to Nonprofit Organizations
2 Three Classifications of Torts
3 Tort Liability and How It Relates to Different Employment Relationships
4 Best Practices and Risk Management for Tort Law
Week 8: Additional Federal and State Laws and Capstone
1 Federalism and the Supremacy Clause
2 OSHA and Safety Concerns
3 Legal Issues Surrounding Benefits, Privacy, and Employee Termination
4 Capstone I and II