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Success Stories

The University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business is proud to be partnered with Bisk. Combining the best attributes of the traditional classroom with today's most cutting-edge technology and highest academic standards, Bisk provides working adults around the world with the opportunity to advance their education and better their lives.

“My first real-world, work-related negotiation experience:  Having scheduled a 30 minute meeting to agree to a material/supplier obsolescence plan, the meeting ran for four hours, from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm.  Missed lunch! 

First, there were 12 people involved – three from Supplier A (on-site), five from Supplier B (called in) and four from OEM (on-site).  The meeting started with many assumptions being made.  I stepped in at the very beginning to frame the meeting – goals, expectations, roles of participants – in hopes of eliminating all the arguments.  We really saved a lot of time by not squabbling over minor details.  I volunteered as “scribe” and asked confirming questions to all parties to make sure we were on the same page and could move forward.  Being a scribe is a great introductory role to take, especially when your bosses’ boss is in the room.  Pretty cool thing when he realizes he should remain quiet and let others take over.  

The meeting included everyone but became more focused.  All parties were then grounded and able to keep their eyes on the final goal.  At the end, an agreement was reached.  All parties were glad we were able to hammer out a deal.  We know it wasn’t perfect, but we did come to an agreement that everyone could live with.  

Bottom Line:  Instead of a material obsolescence claim that was approaching $1 Million, our agreement landed at $560,000.  

Thank you Notre Dame for this introductory course in negotiations! Go Irish!” 

Tom Ruden

As a retired Naval Officer involved in the Leadership Consulting and Executive Coaching arena, the University of Notre Dame Online Foundations of Leadership Development Course provides some very good reminders of leadership development concepts and ideas germane to any person or organization looking to improve their leadership skills. The Farm Gate Model is a very useful tool to provide perspectives for talent acquisition, professional development, and mentorship programs. The Exceptional Presenter module is an extremely straight-forward, easy to use program which, if practiced, will improve one’s presentation skills for both personal and professional impact.

Dennis Volpe

I loved the online experience. I thoroughly enjoyed the Grant Writing Certificate Program course and information – I gathered a great deal of information on the non-profit sector and gained a higher level of understanding of the working process of grant writing and program development and sustainability. I am currently in the process of developing a program for leadership, in our community, which would positively affect the youth in our state, of all backgrounds. This program would potentially collaborate with other programs in the state and carry a higher level of learning leadership qualities to youth of various backgrounds.

 Kit Vela

I am taking the Negotiation Certificate class at Notre Dame. My experience thus far has been very positive. I purchase land for a home builder and have recognized several traits and strategies that the course has revealed. By being aware of yourself you can improve by applying these tools.

 Victoria McCarthy

The Advanced Negotiations course and Dr. Paulson have been a great experience overall. I have learned things that have benefited me not only in my professional career but in my personal life as well. I would highly recommend these programs to anyone.

 Matthew Meyers

I want to Thank You and Commend you for your well prepared and challenging curriculum associated with Advanced Intercultural Management. Your lectures and your level of intellectual preparedness was evident in your selection of guest lectures who contributed to the course. This course required me to put in place a comprehensive plan which I had to implement in my daily priority of objectives in my professional and personal life to ensure that I meet the high demands of your class. This class was extremely rewarding and I will share this great educational experience with my colleagues and professional friends. Looking forward to future educational opportunities to learn from someone of your intellectual and professional magnitude.


I took this course as a curiosity. I felt I was well versed and competent in both negotiations and conflict management but I wanted to see if I could take it to the next level. The combination of the text books and the online materials almost instantly gave me moments where I thought, “I can use that.” I have made a number of presentations on leadership and volunteer management since starting this course and I have referred back to each course in this curriculum more than once. Overall I felt that this curriculum allowed us to gain from our previous experiences combined with the course work providing the best opportunity to take our skills beyond what we could have expected. I know of a number of situations already where I was able to quickly and concisely make a point that kept our project moving forward. These were a direct reflection on this program.

Paul Wm. McKenna Jr., MBA

My name is David Parrish, and for the past 11 years I have worked as a supervisor or manager at CBS in Chicago. I graduated from Central Michigan in 1991, with a BAA in Broadcast and Cinematic Arts. I knew television. I knew journalism. I worked my way up from a minimum wage weekend producer in Traverse City, Michigan, to an Executive Producer in Chicago. After years of producing a newscast working directly under a manager, I was suddenly managing the entire newsroom at night, managing every aspect of the program, every person in the building. Every problem or challenge or viewer concern became my problem. This was no longer just television or journalism-this was management. I had absolutely no training in management--other than learning from the good and bad things that MY managers had taught me. I decided this year I wanted to branch out on my own, and learn from the best-Notre Dame. In the weeks since I began this program, I have already been able to put my new skills to work: learning the common mistakes inexperienced managers make, why coaching, feedback and discipline are so important, and learning what employees actually WANT from a job. It has also been fascinating learning the legal aspects of management, and the different personality types that make up a workplace. I can look at the traits, or preferences, and immediately picture my co-workers, and see how they fit into this mold. I can't tell you how thankful I am, that I found this program, that I was accepted by Notre Dame, to learn the foundations of management, and to discover just how practical and important this information is. If only all managers could learn this information. I believe the skills I'm learning from this program will make me a better manager for the remainder of my career, and I also believe having learned from the great staff at Notre Dame has already increased my self-esteem, and assertiveness. Thank you again for the opportunity, and Go Irish!

David Parrish

I have to admit, the Foundation of Management class was very informative and I learned more about management. I am ready to apply what I've learned from this period of instruction.

Alfred Hickman

Since completing my courses at ND I’ve been promoted two times! I currently have taken on the role as a Unit Manager. I know that my classes in the Executive Certificate in Leadership courses will help me develop my team’s skills and gain business results.

Kristina Mendoza

The Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management program helped me to improve my skills in the management field. Understanding others cultures is necessary to perform a professional role in global companies. My daily business interactions include working with people from all over the world and understanding how to deal with them in order to close new business. I'm from Latin America and this certificate program has a global focus which, identifies intercultural challenges and how to communicate them efficiently. Finally, this program brought me the opportunity to achieve a certificate from a world recognized university.

Fernando Gomez

Recently, my wife and I had a few bids done on our house for energy saving remodeling. We have prices ranging from 15K to 25K. My wife and I settled on a particular contractor that could complete the entire job within the time frame and budget we allocated. In the past, I would have just called the contractor and agreed to the bid. As a result of taking the Negtiation Essentials course, I put specific tools to work and prepared to meet with the contractor to negotiate a better deal. Contractor wanted 24,800 for the complete job. He wanted 10% up front and promised to complete the job in 30 days. I considered my BATNA, and trip wire for this deal. When we met with the contractor, we told him that we liked his deal but it was too much money and too long of a time frame to complete the job. He asked us what our bottom line was. I didn’t tell him. Instead, I asked him what standards he was using for his quote. He was bit surprised by this question. He basically said “Typical industry standards.” I then told him that I had a lower quote from a different contractor, who also promised to finish the job sooner. He wanted to know what the quote was. I just told him that it was significantly lower than his quote. The material and finished product were exactly the same. What I didn’t tell him was that the other contractor stated it would take 2 months to finish. The contractor took out his calculator and calendar and asked if we would agree to 20,800 and two weeks to complete job. I said that the two weeks sounded good, but the price was too high. I asked him what was keeping him from dropping the price. He stated that he had lots of jobs and didn’t want to lose money on this one. I told him that I didn’t need top of the line windows or panels because we wanted to sell the house in five years. This opened up the conversation. He told us about something called a Hero Loan that is subsidized by the government. They finance the renovation based on home value. And they give discounts to people who use top end material. We talked for a bit and I asked my wife what she thought. She just wanted to be done, but she played the bad cop. She said, “That’s a lot of money to sink into this house.”  After a few minutes of silence the contractor said, “Ok, I’ll do the job for 0% down and 20K and I’ll throw in top of the line material. He also said he would finish the job in one week. We agreed to the deal!

Hector Escalante

I recently completed Principles of Leading Transformational Nonprofits, course one of three towards Notre Dame’s Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership. This entire first course, including both the materials and the class dialogue, was very beneficial to my development as a Senior Nonprofit Executive. In particular, the instruction and examples on program design and evaluation will be tremendously helpful in my organization’s evolution in going beyond intervening during military families’ times of financial need, to truly transforming those military families’ financial stability and readiness with generational impact. I look forward to even greater expansion of my servant leadership toolbox with the next two courses.

Tim Ferrell

The online Principles of Business course has been extremely beneficial expanding my knowledge base. The University of Notre Dame provided me with a readily available resource to gain skills that are vital in the changing business environment. The course allowed access to some of the brightest business minds in the areas of Organizational Behavior, Accounting and Financial Markets.

One area I am most proud of my progress in is the area of management communication. The information provided by Professor James O’Rourke made an instant improvement in my verbal and written communication. The techniques demonstrated by Professor O’Rourke made me aware of my strengths and deficiencies and provided a roadmap for achieving better results when expressing my point of view on a variety of projects and topics.

I am very proud to have enrolled in the courses provided by the University of Notre Dame in collaboration with Bisk and would wholeheartedly recommend the courses to colleagues and associates.

Renardo Karageorgiou

I work for an organization called PB+J (Peanut Butter + Jesus). We are based out of California, but develop fortified peanut butter factories, known as RUTF (ready to use therapeutic food), in Africa. We started in March 2012 and have been primarily funded by private donors.

We are working with someone to broaden our donor base and open a charitable gift fund. In the area that I live, many people have the ability to give philanthropically. From what I learned in the Fundraising and Grant Strategies course, I am able to work alongside the person that is helping us.

During this course, the organization started a strategic assessment and development program. Although we hired an expert, I am able to apply what I learned in this course to my organizations needs. This course has been very helpful. Everything I have learned applies to the next steps my organization is taking to improve.

Haley Hunsaker

I have enjoyed this experience. I chose to complete the executive leadership certificate program through Bisk over attending “vendor conferences” or other industry conventions. I wanted to dig deeper and grow as a professional. The UA program exceeded my expectations.

I lead a great team of leaders. I have already begun to put into practice what I have learned. Even before completing the certificate program, I created a leadership initiative for my team. It is entitled “L.E.A.D. – Leadership Effectiveness and Development”. I have been leading people for over 30 years now. The UA certificate program helped me form this idea into a coaching and development reality with my leaders.

The expertise and ideas that I was exposed to in the UA program provided the needed fertile ground I was seeking to further grow as a leader of leaders. Thank you!

Jim E. Johnson

I have successfully renegotiated my current consulting contract with the help of some of the strategies learned in the Negotiation Essentials class. I was not negotiating for more dollars, I was negotiating for an extended period of time with less hours spent in coaching and strategy sessions for the same amount of dollars. In the end I was successful...I received a reduction in hours needed to be spent in the clients office, the contract was extended throughout 2014 and they kept the rate steady!

Kari Glennon

I found the program to be Veteran and Post 9/11 GI Bill friendly, and I found the material to be relevant, interesting, and easy to both process and assimilate. Customer service by Bisk was great! Highly recommended!

Keith Patrick Steinhurst

I am a business manager covering eight states for PepsiCo and Notre Dame's Executive Leadership and Management program allowed me to study while on the road with my career by providing the courses purely through the online modality. The courses are very user friendly and allowed me to study at my own pace and not only absorb the material, but complete each test in the comfort of my home or hotel room. The material is applicable to the real business world and I have already begun incorporating it into my career at PepsiCo. Now a Golden Domer for life!

David Vartanian

I found all the lessons from the Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management informative and interesting. These lessons gave me an opportunity to gain a more balanced perspective on the differences that make us individuals. Thank you again for a well-balanced, informative course that was challenging and enjoyable

Mark Diedricks

The Advanced Intercultural Management course has been very instrumental in my work with Diversity education and Language services at our health system. I work with several colleagues, staff and patients of diverse backgrounds as well as train our medical interpreter teams. The knowledge learned from this course has allowed me to better facilitate trainings and discussions with the ultimate goal of helping our staff and colleagues become culturally competent in caring for our patients, families, clients as well as in our dealings with our diverse fellow team members and colleagues.

Patricia Gavilan

I'm the Chief Development Officer for a distressed financial assets acquisition firm. My goal of the program is to resume building for our investors and potential finance partners. I'm working through the Executive Certificate in Business Administration. The course curriculum is a high level overview of concepts.

Larry L. Curran II

As a Student Affairs professional who works with many student leaders and student organizations, while instructing a leadership course each semester, I found great value in participating in the series of courses that make up the Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management.

During the Effective Leadership class I found validation in the theories and concepts I share with my students while being able to experience these concepts from a business and management perspective. While participating in Leading Teams and Organizations I explored new readings and theories on empowerment to enhance the vital roles of delegation and accountability that are crucial to relationships between leaders and collaborators along with managers and staff. Executive Leadership Strategies was then perfectly delineated in examining how we transform our culture of business and way of doing things by grounding our practices in values and the importance of communicating and living what we espouse in our vision and goals.

I want to thank the faculty and staff of the University of Notre Dame for providing this wonderful opportunity for professional development and personal growth.

Michael Paestella

The Executive Leadership program taught me how to examine my leadership style and work on my weaknesses. It gave me the confidence to go from managing staff to leading a team.

Al Ruggiero

I am a middle level manager with Juniper Networks Inc, a highly respected networking and telecommunications equipment provider. I had invested few weeks of my time to figure out the best online Business Administration program. I didn't have the flexibility or time commitment to enroll in a full time or a part time MBA. I was searching for a program that would be relatively short term but offering courses similar to an MBA...

I have completed the first course on 'Principles of Business' and I am amazed at the wealth of knowledge that I grasped in such a short period of time...

Rahul Agrawal

The Executive Leadership program taught me how to examine my leadership style and work on my weaknesses. It gave me the confidence to go from managing staff to leading a team.

Al Ruggiero

As Vice President of Operations, of a midsized construction company, I have enjoyed the experience as depicted within Effective Leadership. As with many companies, there are plenty of challenges and objectives. This outline has opened my eyes and thoughts, reiterating the understanding of what it truly means and takes to be an efficient, effective and professional manager. I look forward to using and implementing the information supplied.

Darren Beatty

I am taking Principles of Leading Transformational Nonprofits and have enjoyed Dr. Ricke-Kiely's interactive online teaching style. Our virtual classes have been absolutely amazing. The classroom included tech support as well as classmates from other parts of the country. Dr. Ricke-Kiely's knowledge, experience and subject matter expertise were outstanding. Her ability to reference the other recorded lectures and bring them into our virtual lectures made things really come together. This course is a must for anyone in nonprofit leadership.

Ann Guillory

Negotiation Essentials was outstanding, more than I could have hoped for with the content and ease of understanding of the video lectures, the weekly simulations and reviews and reading that was not overwhelming heavy or voluminous. What I learned was significant. My negotiating capability is not just slightly improved but decidedly so and will greatly aid me in my business pursuits and personal relationships as well. I believe applying what I learned in this one class will bring an exponential return on my monetary and time investment. I recommend it highly to others considering the class. Very impressed by Notre Dame, Dr.'s Paulson and Holt and Bisk. Thank you for making this program available. It was exactly what I was seeking.

Michael Toebe

Principles of Business was excellent and has done so much to augment my current position as General Manager/CAO. I have learned so much from my weekly sessions with Janet that I look forward to Mondays. If you need to enhance your experience with a highly informative and interactive learning environment, look no further!

Paula Lemons
Chicago, IL

I manage 39 people at a remote location in Turkey as part of the US Missile Shield and to say your classes on Leadership, Negotiation, and Conflict Resolution were life changing would be putting it mildly. I have learned to lead to vision, I have learned to how to negotiate for what our site needs, and the one class that has effected me more than any other, I have learned how to make my people feel safe with me and amongst themselves. I have lived and worked all over the world for the last 35 years and by far this is the toughest location I have ever found myself. I also know that this would be so much tougher without the tools you have afforded me to succeed. I really would like to thank you that.

As a by product your classes also aided me in grooming someone to take my place for a week so I was able to travel to Dublin and watch the big win. As a lifelong Irish fan and I just can't thank you enough for that as well.

Don Endicott
Chicago, IL

The Executive Certificate in Business Administration program through the University of Notre Dame was extremely valuable because I am currently managing a sales force of 12 sales reps that cover over 1,800 retail outlets. Having the knowledge and ability to apply what I learned directly back to my team the next day was invaluable. I am able to utilize the knowledge, concepts, thoughts and ideas from this online program in real life. I highly recommend becoming a Golden Domer and taking the classes.

David Vartanian
Chicago, IL

Notre Dame's online classes have enabled me to prepare for important challenges I'll face as a leader. They also helped prepare me for an interview for a promotional opportunity within my organization. I achieved a two-level promotion!

Camron J. Shelton
Madison, WI

Excellent information presented in an easy-to-understand format. The Notre Dame online classroom was easy to navigate and the live sessions provided an excellent opportunity to interface directly with the professors and other participants. I learned many new concepts and now have a perspective on how to target my efforts. The program faculty had tremendous knowledge and insight. Overall, I thought this was a great course. The price was reasonable and my time was well spent. I fully intend to take the remaining two courses and complete my Executive Certificate in Business Administration.

Gerard Kiely
Chicopee, MA

I have served in the military for almost 30 years and, as a senior leader, have attended myriad leadership courses. After retiring from the U.S. Army a few years back, I became a military instructor, and have since risen to Senior Program Manager, with the responsibility of managing two other managers and hundreds of people.

Although I already consider myself to be a successful manager, Notre Dame’s online Leadership and Management program so far has been delightful; it’s reinforcing practices I already understood and observed historically and within my day-to-day work, while simultaneously helping me identify my shortcomings and evolve as a leader and manager. I found the mediation lectures to be of particular interest. I am delighted with what we have studied thus far, and look forward to the rest of the program keenly.

Thanks – I am really, REALLY enjoying it!

Krista Ochs Terry
Sierra Vista, AZ

The initial course of three that I am taking has helped tremendously in my company’s daily operations. As a professional already involved in multiple negotiations that leverage everything from people, material costs and logistics to method of application and incremental value assessments, I’ve found the first eight-week course alone has refined my abilities and is well worth the investment. Professor Paulson's in-depth course guidance and participation especially made this worthwhile. I look forward to continuing on with the next of three!

Stephen P. Smith, IV
Colton, CA

This program was outstanding – it has and will continue to assist me with my success as a manager in today’s business world. I have already used several of the sessions to assist in the education of mid-level managers below me.

Scott A. Pellerito
Lansing, MI

It was a wonderful course that has helped me improve myself, and understand my own needs and the needs of others as well. I’ve improved my way of thinking and recognize the importance of motivating others and taking reasonable time to deal with conflicts. Leadership and Management is not only about being a BOSS, it is a great opportunity to hold others’ hands and move forward for a better future. I enjoyed it very much. Great material and excellent teachers.

Ihsan Yaseen
Clive, IA

My experience with this program has been very helpful. I just finished my MBA before starting the program because I wanted to make sure I understood the concepts. What I found was that several topics were not covered in my MBA program, or not covered in as much detail. This class has taught me a great deal about business strategies/disciplines and has taken my education one step further. I also like the streaming videos and the live chat we have every week. Being able to actually speak to the professor is a very good added bonus when taking an online program of any type. I would recommend this program to anyone.

Lisa Jones
Somers, CT

I must say that I particularly enjoyed the presentation from Professor Mike Crant, PhD, on Managing for Results during week 4 of the course. After reviewing how effective managers motivate people, I looked at one of my employees and spent some time identifying the factors that lead to differences in his job performance. I had noticed that, while performing different job duties, the employee's performance would vary. This employee – I'll call him Max – had started over 10 years ago in this position, but over the years, the job description changed and incorporated more and more administrative functions. By looking at his personality in a little more depth, I realized that Max enjoyed the hands-on part of the job and was extremely good at it but did not care for the administrative part. By making some adjustments, I managed to get Max motivated again and his job satisfaction went up. By implementing a motivational plan, I increased my employee's job performance. Thanks!

Alan M. Jan
Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

I am a network manager, and negotiate hospital and IPA agreements. I absolutely loved this program, and have gained a wealth of knowledge from it. All of the classes were relevant to what I do every day, and although I have been in my role for many years, I learned many new strategies and techniques. I could set my own pace for the course, which made it convenient, as I could do the work on the evenings or weekends. Between watching the recorded lectures, the partner simulations and the live events, I spent about 4-5 hours per week on coursework.

Gaylen Paulson, the main instructor, was incredible. He made the material interesting and easy to understand. I don’t think anyone else could do a better job. I would definitely recommend this program and/or Bisk to a friend/colleague. It far exceeded my expectations, and has helped me with my career.

Jennifer Cox
Playa Vista, CA

As a small business owner, I can say that 100% of the material in this program is relevant to me. I'm so glad that I made the decision to register. Even if you are already aware of many of the concepts presented, completing this program will connect the dots and will validate the importance of what you know and what you need to do. It certainly has for me. And by applying these practices, my interactions with people have already improved.

Ron Shaw
Toronto, Canada

Great course, great exercises, great experience! I was able to incorporate lessons learned in my job before even finishing the course. The most significant (to date) was finding an amicable solution with a landowner, which allowed us to continue project development and address the counterparty's concerns without setting an unauthorized industry precedent. The course gives you multiple exercises to enhance, refine and practice your negotiation skills in a progressively challenging manner. From preparation techniques to closing the deal, this course shows you how to get results.

Neil W. Jones
Jupiter, FL

When enrolling into the Notre Dame professional development program, I anticipated that the knowledge gained would enable me to contribute with a higher level of effectiveness for my company; I was right. I now feel better prepared to offer opinions, develop decisions and implement actions which will deliver the intended results. My satisfaction in my work has elevated to a higher level. Registering in the Notre Dame program has been one of the best decisions of my career.

Gregory Bachman
Redlands, CA

The online classes through the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business are second to none! This was the first time I had taken a class online, and I was extremely pleased with the support from the professors. The lectures were presented in a easy-to-understand format, yet each challenged my thinking! I have no doubt the lessons I learned from Notre Dame will help provide a great road map for success in the future! I could not have asked for a better experience!

Greg Guffin
Indianapolis, IN

My experience with this online course has been wonderful. Having the flexibility provided has allowed me to broaden my educational opportunities, which other more traditional environments would not allow. I found the content of the course to be very applicable to my current role in my organization. It has also provided me with additional information to further my career. I look forward to continuing my education online. Thank you.

Johnnie Mayes
Morrison, TN

I work for a semiconductor company, where I hold the title Site Training Manager. While I've held this position for over three years, I'm still considered a junior middle manager, as the rest of my colleagues have been in the same roles for many, many years. Previously, I've struggled to obtain what I would call a reasonable level of respect from some of my more senior peers. The one thing I've noticed is that we both want the same end result, but face conflicts and obstacles in deciding which way to get there. As a result of this course – in particular the Getting to Yes module in the Effective Leadership course– I now feel like I do a better job with listening to the other party’s wants and needs.

Jonathan Romeli
Peoria, AZ

I just wanted to let the staff there at University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business and Bisk know that I really enjoyed taking the online course Effective Leadership. From the very start, I learned materials and concepts that were very beneficial; I was able to apply many of them immediately. This course was really loaded with great information. In fact, I am going to go back and watch the entire lecture series again. Thank you.

Rick Nielsen 
Murrieta, CA

The course has helped me become a better manager of people and has shown me the difference between being a manager and being a leader. I have already been able to implement some of the techniques that were explained regarding positive reinforcement and punishment.

Currently I am working with an employee who has a great many personal problems that are now affecting her job performance. By using some of the techniques described within this program, I am able to assist her in becoming a valuable employee. It’s a great course.

Mark E. Szolyga
Muskego, WI

The trio of 8-week courses was compelling, real-world pertinent and served as an excellent skill-sharpening vehicle. I learned concepts and approaches to negotiating and resolving conflicts that I had not necessarily applied in my 25+ years in business – tools that will serve me for years to come.

Bob Clark
Okemos Public Schools, MI

You folks at Notre Dame have done us execs a great service in putting this program together. It enabled me to objectively assess my job performance. Plus it made me realize that small changes to my management style can help me achieve greater effectiveness when managing large corporations and teams. I am planning to sign up for more of these courses and will get my managers enrolled in them, as well. Great work – thank you.

Maik Lankau
Brick, NJ

The online negotiation classes beat anything I’ve seen. I feel like I'm a part of an actual classroom because of the class roster, the fact that I can view and listen to streaming video lectures and attend live events with the rest of the class. Also, the over-the-phone negotiations were a great idea. With the role-playing of actual scenarios, I'm getting real negotiation experience without any risk of failure.

Samantha C. Naes
Rock Hill, MO

This is my first time taking an online class, and it’s absolutely wonderful – the instructors are great and the program is very well put together. The experience has opened my mind and broadened my vision with respect to leadership and management issues. My hat goes off to the school, the professors and everybody involved. This program has made me a better person ... not only on a personal level, but in my profession, as well. I plan to pursue a Negotiation certificate after the Leadership and Management class has concluded.

James Gorman
Waupaca, WI

Thank you for an excellent educational experience. I’ve completed other certificate programs and attended a prestigious leadership institute prior to enrolling in Notre Dame, and I’ve found that your program has far exceeded the others in terms of practical information, course delivery method and overall usefulness. I’ve just been appointed Chief Medical Officer for an 80-physician medical group in the suburbs of Chicago, and I believe my Notre Dame coursework figured prominently into that achievement.

Richard F. Multack
Olympia Fields, IL

Thanks for sharing your knowledge with all of us. I have been using many of the negotiation techniques with our supply base and we are creating better agreements that meet the interests of both parties because of it. I look forward to the next session. Thanks again!

Mike Savidge
Marysville, WA

I gained a fundamental understanding of negotiation that I was able to immediately put to practice. I was very impressed with the benefits of the program! It was a great experience that helped me and my team develop essential negotiation skills.

Dana Toops
Kalamazoo, MI

Great program! I thoroughly enjoyed the negotiation courses and have found the content to be very useful in many different types of situations. The instructors were knowledgeable and their lectures were very easy to listen to.

Scott Taetsch
Woodbridge, VA

Professor Paulson is an outstanding facilitator with a genuine style that invites open discussion. This program fit my business needs, teaching concepts that I now use in work-related negotiations as well as personal ones.

Jeanine Rickson
Woodbury, MN

Because I am not tied down to a classroom, I don't have to say 'no' to any work assignments or family commitments. My son and home are in Vienna, Austria. My parents live in Denver, Colorado, U.S.A. And, my work often involves projects in Africa. Wherever life takes me, I just pack up my studies and go. It's the ultimate in distance learning.

L. Illichmann
Vienna, Austria

Since completing my courses at ND I’ve been promoted two times! I currently have taken on the role as a Unit Manager. I know that my classes in the Executive Certificate in Leadership courses will help me develop my team’s skills and gain business results.

Kristina Mendoza
Chicago, IL

I really enjoy the opportunity to work at my own pace and schedule 'class work' around family and career obligations. The quality of instruction is tremendous – I can honestly say that I have already benefited a great deal from all that I have learned.

Kenneth W.
Seattle, WA

The online class is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I can email the professor or my classmates with questions and receive instant feedback. I can complete my assignments at my pace while I work full time. The program offers flexibility and convenience.

Yanick Leon
Hempstead, NY

After one introductory course, I was hooked; these are 'real' people who put forth the effort to connect and get to know the students via a non-traditional medium. I am impressed with the level of commitment that the instructors convey and how each one has succeeded in communicating support and guidance.

Virginia Nero
Independence, OH

I found the combination of the streaming video and workbook to be just what I needed to maintain focus. The lectures were easy to understand and the presentation well done by the teaching staff. Being able to work on the assignments any time, night or day, allowed me maximum flexibility with my schedule. This was my first online course, and it was such a satisfying experience, I will be doing more.

William J. Conrad
Boeing, WA