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Online Training for Today's Government Employees

Increasing scrutiny into government contracts coupled with an ongoing need for interdepartmental cooperation make it imperative that government agencies have personnel with solid, principled negotiating skills. At the same time, today's competitive, dynamic work environment makes sound leadership and management more crucial than ever. To address these needs, government leaders are calling for more targeted training to drive a higher benchmark of knowledge and competence from their employees.

Whether you're currently working for the government or aspire to, you can get the skills you need to distinguish yourself among your peers. The University of Notre Dame offers the most sought-after professional certificates for today's government employees and agencies, with comprehensive online programs focused on the critical disciplines of Negotiation, Leadership, Management, Business Administration, Intercultural Management, and Nonprofit Leadership.

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Federal government employees are eligible to save 10% off individual certificate courses. Access this exclusive pricing by calling toll free at 855-300-1310.

Earn Credentials While You Work — 100% Online

Learn new skills you can immediately apply to your job, building both a stronger career for yourself and a stronger, more efficient agency for your employer. Whichever Notre Dame program you choose, you can complete your executive certificate 100% online, and on your own schedule. Each certificate program includes online streaming video lectures you can access anywhere, 24/7, enabling you to fulfill your responsibilities to work and family. Connect with instructors and fellow participants through chat rooms, message boards and email. You can enroll immediately, and at an exclusive savings, with no prerequisite exams. Don't pass up this excellent opportunity for professional growth!

Government Applications for Notre Dame Programs

Professional Certificate in Management
Whether you’re a front-line supervisor, a manager or a member of their team, you need the practical skills for dealing with day-to-day management challenges. The Professional Certificate in Management – a two-course online training program – is ideal for individuals who need a firm mastery of today's management principles and techniques in order to do their jobs more effectively. Earn your Professional Certificate in Management!

Government example:

At a time when government agencies are required to tighten their belts, agency leaders are looking for managers who can boost efficiency and reach department goals with fewer resources. In this demanding environment, there is no substitute for managers with the right management skillset and tools.

Offered through the top-ranked Mendoza College of Business, Notre Dame's Professional Certificate in Management empowers you with crucial management skills that you can use immediately in the workplace:

  • Discover the secrets to managing, coaching and motivating a team that will perform to expectations – and beyond
  • Develop effective supervision skills to avoid common management mistakes that may be sapping efficiency and productivity
  • Learn how to delegate and prioritize responsibilities to overcome competing priorities and time constraints
  • Understand the human element of management to manage different communication styles, personalities and perceptions

Executive Certificate in Leadership

Learn the true meaning of leadership – and when to apply those key skills in a given situation – with Notre Dame's Executive Certificate in Leadership. From tactics to strategy, you'll study proven ways to excel in your role as a leader. In addition to navigating the fundamentals of leadership, you'll employ a variety of self-assessment tools to modify and enhance your own leadership style. Earn your Executive Certificate in Leadership.

Government example:

In 2003, Secretary of State Colin Powell gave a speech about leadership in the State Department, during which he explained that in order for an organization to be successful, its leaders must clearly determine the “mission” for their people. This mission, he stated, “has to be driven down through every level of the organization so everybody understands what (leaders) are trying to accomplish and is committed to its accomplishment.” Further, Powell explained that this rule applies to any government office.

No matter what area of government you're working in, you can't underestimate the importance of possessing good leadership skills. Notre Dame's Executive Certificate in Leadership program can give you the techniques that you need to run a successful, efficient organization. You'll learn the practices that will help you identify your mission, implement it, and stay on course:

  • Assess needs and motivation of individuals at all organizational levels
  • Apply transformational leadership strategy
  • Sharpen your decision-making ability, coach effectively and resolve conflict

Executive Certificate in Negotiation
In today's highly interactive multicultural world, negotiation — the ability to interact with and influence others — has become more important and more complex than ever. Whether you communicate across conference tables or across continents, Notre Dame's online Executive Certificate in Negotiation program will give you the power to improve your interpersonal relations, develop more effective decision-making strategies and enhance your influence. Earn your Executive Certificate in Negotiation.

Government example:

In government work, virtually every decision you make can impact taxpayers in a financial way. There's no substitute for knowing how to maximize your influence with outside vendors or with other departments to get the buy-in or agreement terms you want. You must be able to sell ideas and influence others, whether you're implementing a program, promoting a service or proposing a new initiative.

Notre Dame's Executive Certificate in Negotiation program will impart invaluable negotiating abilities you can immediately apply on the job:

  • Learn how to work more effectively one-on-one, in groups and across departmental or commercial cultures.
  • Gain a better understanding of the role of interpersonal skills in influencing outcomes and achieving greater success.
  • Tap into your own leadership competencies and learn to lead fellow government employees more effectively through both verbal and non-verbal communication.
  • Develop strategies to produce optimal outcomes while working with difficult people and difficult situations.

Executive Certificate in Business Administration

As you've progressed through your career, you’ve undoubtedly developed a high level of expertise in a specific functional area. But if you aspire to take your performance to the next level, you need to understand how your decisions impact other departments and the organization as a whole. Refresh your knowledge or familiarize yourself with core business dimensions as you learn how to translate theory into successful strategies. Earn your Executive Certificate in Business Administration.

Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership

The nonprofit sector has seen steady growth for more than a decade, further emphasizing the importance of effective leadership in this already challenging environment. Today’s donors are expecting more out of their investments in that they want to know if these donations are  helping to create a measureable social impact. In this reality of “doing more with less”, a nonprofit leader must not only possess a servant heart, but also a resilient business mind. Notre Dame’s Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership program equips individuals and organizations with the essential management, leadership and strategic skills necessary for becoming effective nonprofit leaders. Earn your Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership.

Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management

Today’s workplace is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago. More organizations than ever before have global holdings, and as a result a culturally diverse workforce has evolved. Issues once perceived as being solved through simple understanding and fair-mindedness have become much more complex to identify and manage. And now is a most-critical time for professionals to receive intercultural training. Notre Dame’s Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management program prepares you to be a more aware and effective leader. Earn your Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management.

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