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Earn an Executive Certificate in Negotiation, Leadership and Management or Business Administration – 100% Online!

The demand on government employees to increase efficiency, improve quality, manage projects and contracts, and follow enhanced protocols has never been higher. To address these issues, governments are calling for more targeted training initiatives to drive a higher benchmark of knowledge and competence from their employees.

Pave the Way to Your Dream Career!

Whether you want to move up in your current position, transition into management or completely change your career path, the University of Notre Dame’s executive certificates can pave the way! These dynamic certificate programs fill in the gaps degrees leave behind – giving you the opportunity to study negotiation, leadership and management and business techniques from one of the nation’s premier business schools. The programs are made up of eight-week certificate courses, each building on the last in a step-by-step process. These courses are designed to quickly and effectively increase individual and organizational skill sets and success. Additionally, you can earn an Advanced Specialized Certificate in Intercultural Management teaching you how to recognize, analyze and manage the important implications of working and living in a culturally diverse society. It can be taken alone or as a complementary add-on to the Executive Certificates.

Available 100% online, Notre Dame’s interactive, video-based e-learning certificate programs are the ideal way to:

  • Adapt to new conditions
  • Remain competitive
  • Empower yourself with new skills and credentials that distinguish you in any industry

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Federal, state and local government employees now have access, via NTIS, to special federal government program pricing. Save 10% on individual certificate courses and 5% on executive certificate programs.