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Checks and money orders accepted.

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Major credit cards accepted.

Payment Assistance

Many companies recognize the need for their employees to enhance their skill base and advance their education by providing payment assistance benefits that not only cover per credit hour costs, but may also cover fees, books and other materials. Your program fee cost may be covered by your company's payment assistance program and may also be tax deductible. Consult your HR department and your tax advisor for more information.

Alternate Student Loans

There are a number of comprehensive, flexible, low-cost loan products specifically designed to help working adults who enroll in an accredited distance-learning undergraduate or graduate degree program or a certificate-granting program. These products offer a quick application and approval process, so that you will be ready to enroll in the next available session. The process of selecting the lenders listed below included research to determine ease of application, flexible payment options, competitive fees and interest rates. Please be advised that you are not required to use one of the listed lenders and you should make every effort to exhaust all lower interest options before using alternate student loans.

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