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Advanced Negotiations

Advanced Negotiations

Negotiate Your Way to the Top!

Advanced Negotiations aggressively builds on the foundations presented in Negotiation Essentials. This course focuses on influencing and negotiating effectively in the face of complicated situations. You'll learn how changes in the negotiation context, such as adding or removing players, impact the negotiation process. You'll learn tactical skills and strategies for working one-on-one, in groups and at a distance. And you'll explore communication strategies, enabling you to work more effectively with multiple groups and across cultures, addressing challenges ranging from simple gender differences to emerging global issues. This course features hands-on activities and opportunities for practice, including a continued emphasis on becoming a skilled and effective negotiator.

Advanced Negotiations

What You’ll Learn

Influence and Rewards

  • Influence in Organizations
  • Attitudes and Behaviors

Changing Attitudes

  • Understanding and Changing Attitudes
  • Forces and Functions
  • Fear Appeals and Threats


  • Cognitive Theories and Influence
  • Power-based Approaches
  • Influence Multiple Parties

Team Negotiation

  • Myths About Teams
  • Team Productivity Equation
  • Motivation and Effort
  • Ways to Enhance Team Negotiation


  • How Men and Women are Treated in Negotiation
  • How Men and Women Perceive and Behave in Negotiation


  • Cultural Traps
  • Cultural Differences
  • Skills to Develop Business Relationships


  • Benefits of Hiring an Agent
  • Success With an Agent
  • Negotiating Online


  • Standards for Ethical Decision Making
  • Basics of Fraud
  • Deception and Detection

Who Should Register?

This course, created for participants who have completed Negotiation Essentials, is uniquely designed to improve interpersonal skills and professional interaction, to drive your success and advance your career.