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Lecture # Subject Title
Week 1: Organizational Behavior
Presenter: J. Michael Crant, MBA, PhD
1 Introduction to Organizational Behavior
2 Motivation: Introduction
3 Rewards and Punishments
4 Perceptions of Fair Treatment
5 Goal Setting
6 Leadership
7 What Do Leaders Do?
8 Emotional Intelligence
9 Social Skills
10 Leaders Are Inspirational and Charismatic
Week 2: Organizational Communications
Presenter: James S. O’Rourke, IV, MA, MS, PhD
11 The Central Skill in the North American Workplace
12 Management Skills
13 Communication
14 How to Speak so People Will Listen
15 Five Common Obstacles to Effective Communication
16 Developing a Strategy
17 Using Everyday Language to Produce World-Class Documents
18 Qualities Common to All Effective Business Writing
19 Active and Passive Voice
20 Preparation: A Few Suggestions
Week 3: Introduction to Accounting
Presenter: William D. Nichols, MBA, PhD
21 Overview of Financial Reporting
22 Basic Accounting Principles
23 The Balance Sheet
24 The Income Statement
25 Dual Effect of Accounting Transactions
26 Statement of Cash Flows
27 Reporting of Financial Events
Week 4: Understanding the U.S. Economy
Presenter: Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, MA, PhD
28 Understanding the U.S. Economy
29 A Basic Tool of Economics: Demand
30 A Basic Tool of Economics: Supply
31 Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
32 Growth Rates, the Business Cycle and Supply Shocks
33 Aggregate Demand
34 Sources of Shocks to Aggregate Demand
Week 5: Understanding the U.S. Economy (continued)
Presenter: Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, MA, PhD
35 The Goods Market
36 The Labor Market
37 Financial Markets
38 Monetary Policy
39 Government Budget Deficits
Week 6: Managerial Accounting
Presenter: Janet L. O’Tousa, MBA
40 Introduction to Managerial Accounting
41 Cost Concepts and Behavior: Part 1
42 Cost Concepts and Behavior: Part 2
43 Contribution Margin
44 Cost Volume Profit: Part 1
45 Cost Volume Profit: Part 2
46 Cost Volume Profit: Introduction to Simulation Exercise
47 Cost Volume Profit: Solution to Simulation Exercise
Week 7: Managerial Accounting (continued)
Presenter: Janet L. O’Tousa, MBA
48 Cost Structure and Operating Leverage
49 Profit Planning: Concepts and Definitions
50 Profit Planning: Master Budget Example
51 The Cash Budget
52 The Flexible Budget
53 Standard Costs and Standard Cost Card
54 Variance Analysis: Direct Materials and Direct Labor
55 Variance Analysis: Variable Manufacturing Overhead
Week 8: Understanding Globalization
Presenter: Jeffrey H. Bergstrand, MA, PhD
56 Understanding Globalization
57 Economic Globalization
58 International Trade
59 International Investment
60 International Migration
61 The World Economy and Cyclical Factors
62 Exchange Rates
63 International Government Agencies and the World Economy
64 Sarbanes-Oxley: Part 1
65 Sarbanes-Oxley: Part 2