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Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership

Rise to the Challenge – and Rise Through the Ranks!

Strategic Leadership focuses on strategy and foresight – the key concepts in this executive phase of leadership development. In the culmination of Notre Dame’s three-course, 100% online Executive Certificate in Leadership program, you will learn to synthesize your skills and apply your abilities for developing intellectual capital and organizational culture.

Strategic Leadership

What You’ll Learn

Transformational Strategy

  • Revolutionary Model of Planning
  • Patterns of Failure and Successful Venturing
  • Technological Revolutions

Industry Structure and Competitor Analysis

  • Analyzing Structure
  • Differentiation
  • Generic Strategy Matrix
  • Competitive Foresight Methodology

Strategic Foresight

  • Strategic Foresight – Preparing for Multiple Futures
  • Crucial Conversations

Systems Thinking

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Systems Thinking Case Studies


  • Leadership Mindset
  • Quadrants of the Meta-Motivation Inventory

Corporate Core Values

  • What Keeps People Productively Engaged
  • Core Values and Corporate Character
  • Personal Efficacy


Who Should Register?

Whether you are a director-level executive or a manager of a small team, Strategic Leadership gives you the advanced knowledge to become an effective strategic leader. Participants who complete this course, Foundations of Leadership and Leadership Challenges will receive an Executive Certificate in Leadership.