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Executive Certificate in Business Administration

Executive Certificate in Business Administration

Expand your skills and knowledge across today’s most important business disciplines – 100% online! You’re just three courses away from earning an Executive Certificate in Business Administration from the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, which is consistently ranked among the nation’s top business schools by U.S. News & World Report and BusinessWeek. In addition to mastering new strategies you can immediately apply on the job, you’ll earn valuable credentials and a new certificate upon completion of each course.

SAVE $545

$5,995, a SAVINGS OF $545 when purchasing the full 3-course track

By incorporating topics covered in many traditional MBA programs, this comprehensive professional development series can help to increase your proficiency in key business concepts and techniques. Each eight-week course builds on the last in a step-by-step progression, ensuring you have a solid, foundational understanding of the principles and disciplines of business before moving onto practical applications of business strategies. You'll learn from the same award-winning professors who teach on campus as they help you:

  • Gain a high-level perspective of core MBA disciplines including economics, accounting, finance, marketing and management
  • Develop the skills to create and implement a strategically sound business plan
  • Capitalize on synergies that can increase your organization’s efficiency, productivity and profitability
  • Identify and grow your company’s competitive advantages

Who Should Register?

This program is ideal for business professionals and functional managers who need to understand how decisions made in their department impact the organization as a whole. Its emphasis on strategy and practical applications is especially useful for entrepreneurs and small-business owners, as well as aspiring managers and executives responsible for establishing strategic direction and corporate culture. This condensed, non-degree program offers an alternative to traditional, campus-based learning. The Executive Certificate in Business Administration program is open to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of core business disciplines.

Gain a Strategic Perspective From a Top-Ranked Business School in as few as 24 Weeks – 100% Online!

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Take 1 Optional Specialization Course

In addition to mastering the essentials of business administration, you can elect to complement this certificate program with Notre Dame's Advanced Intercultural Management (AIM) course. By doing so, you can learn how to manage people of different ethnicities, genders, generations, religions and socio-economic backgrounds - a valuable skill in today's multicultural workforce. Just take the additional eight-week course as an elective to gain the intercultural management specialization!

When you add the Advanced Intercultural Management course as a specialization to your Executive Certificate in Business Administration, you will receive exclusive cost savings. Additionally, the certificate you are awarded will clearly note the specialty.