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Executive Certificate in Negotiation

Executive Certificate in Negotiation

Enroll in the Executive Certificate in Negotiation program and gain the power to improve your interpersonal relations, develop more effective decision-making strategies and enhance your influence and success in any business setting. In as little as eight weeks, you’ll acquire new negotiation skills you can begin applying immediately on the job along with a new certificate that will serve as an important milestone as you complete each course.

SAVE $945

$4,995, a SAVINGS OF $945 when purchasing the full 3-course track

Each course features unique online negotiation training exercises, allowing you to partner with classmates for one-on-one interaction that tests your knowledge and sharpens your skills. These exclusive online exercises include immediate debrief lectures to ensure optimal learning outcomes. This comprehensive professional development series gives you the knowledge and skills to:

  • Work more effectively one-on-one, in groups and across cultures
  • Better understand the role of interpersonal skills in influencing outcomes and achieving greater success
  • Tap into your own leadership competencies and learn to lead more effectively through both verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Develop strategies to produce optimal outcomes while working with difficult people and difficult situations

Who Should Register?

Whether you’re a sales person interested in developing more effective presentation strategies, a business leader who negotiates with upper management or an entry-level employee looking to move up the corporate ladder – an Executive Certificate in Negotiation can empower you to negotiate and influence with confidence. The Executive Certificate in Negotiation training program is open to anyone interested in gaining and improving their negotiation tools and skills.

A True Achievement -

Your Executive Certificate in Negotiation

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Take 1 Optional Specialization Course

If negotiating with clients from other nations or leading employees of diverse backgrounds could be part of your job, it would be wise to consider adding an intercultural management specialization to your certificate program. You can learn how to relate to and facilitate communication among people of different cultures while developing your negotiation skills. Simply take the optional eight-week course in Advanced Intercultural Management to gain the specialization!

When you add the Advanced Intercultural Management course as a specialization to your Executive Certificate in Negotiation, you will receive exclusive cost savings. Additionally, the certificate you are awarded will clearly note the specialty.