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Take 3 Required Courses

Negotiation Essentials

Negotiation Essentials is the first eight-week online course in the Executive Certificate in Negotiation program. In this course, you'll build a solid understanding of competitive interaction and develop the tactics, strategies and interpersonal skills necessary for success when competing over resources, direction or ideas. This course is ideal for professionals who want to enhance their core negotiation skills and become more effective business leaders and communicators. It provides knowledge and techniques that will enable you to strengthen your skills in any business setting.

Advanced Negotiations

Advanced Negotiations aggressively builds on the foundations presented in Negotiation Essentials. This course focuses on influencing and negotiating effectively in the face of complicated situations. You'll learn how changes in the negotiation context, such as adding or removing players, impact the negotiation process. You'll learn optimal tactics and strategies for working one-on-one, in groups and at a distance. And you'll explore communication strategies, enabling you to work more effectively with multiple groups and across cultures, addressing challenges ranging from simple gender differences to emerging global issues.

Strategies for Conflict Management

Strategies for Conflict Management is the third eight-week online course in the Executive Certificate in Negotiation program. This course focuses on the critical skills associated with handling difficult people and situations, highlighting the kinds of negotiation and influence processes that yield optimal outcomes, keeping relationships intact. You will examine ways professionals mediate hotly contested disputes and learn to effectively manage disputes among colleagues or subordinates. This course will also help you improve your own conflict resolution styles as well as your approach to working before, during and after conflicts.