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Professional Certificate in Management

Professional Certificate in Management

Whether you’re a front-line supervisor or a manager, you need the practical skills for dealing with day-to-day management challenges. This two-course online management training program is ideal for individuals who need a firm grasp of today's management principles and techniques to do their jobs more effectively.

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$2,500, a SAVINGS OF $490 when purchasing the full 2-course track

This 100% online certificate program from the University of Notre Dame focuses on improving your effectiveness as well as imparting practical new skills including how to plan, organize, coach, motivate, delegate and communicate with a team. Key topics include transition to management, understanding styles, managing priorities, the impact of change, managing performance, delegating and developing employees. In just two eight week courses you'll discover how to:

  • Gain a firm command of the forces affecting your job in order to excel in all areas of your responsibilities
  • Consistently make good management decisions, identify the right approach for the situation, and manage time and competing priorities
  • Create an awareness of the human element in the work situation to improve communications and negotiations
  • Promote healthy organizational relationships to effectively nurture employees, motivate staff and lead change

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This dynamic management program benefits professionals at all levels – from team leaders managing a specific project, to managers/supervisors of a work group or department, to executives who determine an organization’s strategic direction and culture. The Professional Certificate in Management provides the practical skills to overcome daily challenges by teaching the latest in management principles and techniques. This program also provides a robust review of key management concepts for enterprise and executive leaders.

Gain Skills Every Successful Manager Must Have – Earn a Professional Certificate in Management

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