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Fundraising & Grant Strategies

Fundraising & Grant Strategies

Maximize Your Ability to Secure Funds!

Fundraising & Grant Strategies is the third and final eight-week online course in the Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership series. This course shifts the focus from leadership skills to the practicalities of raising funds. You will delve into a myriad of concepts behind successful fundraising and grant writing. You will also explore the diverse philanthropic landscape and master key strategies essential for raising capital. You will also learn the steps to prepare, write and manage the outcomes of your proposals. This course will give you a complete overview of the many ways in which you can raise the funds necessary to finance and maintain your organization’s transformative social programs.

Fundraising & Grant Strategies

What You’ll Learn

  • Strategic Differentiation
  • Gift Giving and Prospect Identification
  • Solicitation and Persuasion
  • Donors and Gifting
  • Engaging Prospects
  • Business Requirements
  • Grant Proposal Preparation
  • Grant Proposal Writing

Who Should Register?

This final course of the three-course series is indispensable to those individuals who require the end-to-end knowledge of successful fundraising and grant writing.