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Fundraising & Grant Strategies Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Week 1: Trends and Headwinds
Presenter: Jimmie R. Alford, LL.D., LH.D. 
1 Course Introduction
2 The Philanthropic Landscape
3 Individual Giving
4 The Impact of Smaller Gifts
5 Corporate and Foundation Giving
6 Growth of Recipients
7 Organizational Readiness
8 Utilizing The Strategic Plan
Week 2: Prospect Identification and Donor Motivation
Presenter: Jimmie R. Alford, LL.D., LH.D.
9 Prospect Identification and Motivation Overview
10 Annual Fund Donors and Prospects
11 Major Gift Donors and Prospects
12 High Net Worth Households: Part 1
13 High Net Worth Households, Part 2
14 The Donor Pyramid
15 Effective Stewardship
16 Constructing the Case
17 Strategic Market Differentiation
Week 3: The Art of The Ask
Presenter: Jimmie R. Alford, LL.D., LH.D. 
18 Creating the Elevator Speech
19 Persuasion Theory
20 The Six Phases of an Effective Solicitation Call
21 The Testimonial Close
22 The Visionary Close
Week 4: Planned Giving: The Ultimate Gift
Presenter: Jimmie R. Alford, LL.D., LH.D. 
23 Planned Giving
24 Prospect Circles and Self-Identification
25 Use of Allied Professionals
26 Revocable and Non-Revocable Gifts
27 Stewardship of Planned Gift Donors: Part 1
28 Stewardship of Planned Gift Donors: Part 2
29 Ways to Give
30 Endowment Fundamentals
31 Assessing Endowment Readiness Steps in Building the Program
Week 5: Volunteer Training, Stewardship and Donor Recognition
Presenter: Jimmie R. Alford, LL.D., LH.D. 
32 The Unique Role of the Board
33 Fiduciary, Strategic and Generative Board Leadership: Part 1
34 Fiduciary, Strategic, and Generative Board Leadership: Part 2
35 A Framework for Prospect Engagement
36 Engaging Community Leaders in Philanthropy
37 Capital, Annual and Endowment Donor Recognition
38 Internal vs. External Audiences
39 Utilization of Data Management
Week 6: Managing for Success
Presenter: Jimmie R. Alford, LL.D., LH.D. 
40 Networking for Success
41 Impact and Outcome Measures
42 Managing for Success
43 Cost and Budget Expectations and Management
44 Managing the Development Function
45 Use of a Development Committee
46 Ingredients for Organizational Success
47 It Is All in the Strategy
Week 7: Grant Proposal Preparation
Presenter: Marc Hardy, PhD 
48 Preparing for the Proposal
49 Types of Foundations
50 Government Grants and Lesser-Known Funders
51 Identifying Potential Funders
52 Your Relationship With the Funder and Organizational Involvement
Week 8: Grant Proposal Writing
Presenter: Marc Hardy, PhD 
53 Developing the Case Statement and Defining the Community Need
54 Developing the Needs Statement, Solution, and Program Explanation
55 Developing Additional Components of a Successful Grant Proposal
56 Proposing the Solution and Creating a Logical Model
57 Final Reminders and Tips
58 The Dos and Don’ts of the Written Proposal
59 What To Do After Proposal Submission
60 Course Conclusion