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Leading Nonprofit Boards

Leading Nonprofit Boards

Transformational Nonprofit Leadership

Leading Nonprofit Boards expands upon the history of philanthropy and the fundamentals board governance first introduced in Principles of Leading Transformational Nonprofits. This course concentrates on further developing your understanding of board development, management roles, strategic issues and the responsibilities of nonprofit board members. You’ll learn what it means to effectively manage the important relationship between organization executive members and board members and a successful transformational nonprofit organization. This course includes a number of specially selected topics that concentrate on the everyday, real-world responsibilities of nonprofit board members.

Leading Nonprofit Boards

What You’ll Learn

  • Development and Evolution of Philanthropy
  • Fundraising and Recruitment
  • Nonprofit Governance: Roles and Responsibilities of Directors
  • Producing an Efficient Board Meeting
  • Interpersonal Board Dynamics
  • Nonprofit Law for Board Members and Executives
  • Asset Allocation
  • Strategic Planning

Who Should Register?

This course, specifically designed for participants who have completed Principles of Leading Transformational Nonprofits, is ideal for furthering your understanding of nonprofits’ functional areas to improve your job performance and effectiveness.