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Leading Nonprofit Boards Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Week 1: The History & Philanthropy of the Nonprofit Sector
Presenter: Marc Hardy, PhD
1 Course Introduction
2 Roots of Philanthropy and Giving: Hinduism, Judaism, and Greek Mythology
3 Roots of Philanthropy and Giving: Roman Empire and the Catholic Church
4 Roots of Philanthropy and Giving: Confraternities and the Protestant Church
5 Scientific Philanthropy
6 Evolution of Philanthropy in America: 1600s–1800s
7 Evolution of Philanthropy in America: Late 1700s–Early 1900s
8 Evolution of Philanthropy in America: Late 1800s–Mid 1900s
9 Evolution of Philanthropy in America: 1950s–Today
Week 2: Fundraising and the Board and Creating a Philanthropic Culture
Presenter: Jimmie R. Alford, LLD, LHD
10 The Macro-Environment
11 Market Differentiation
12 Types of Fund Raising Programs
13 Asking for Gifts
14 Prospect Targeting and Organizational Readiness
15 Being Successful
16 Prospect Targeting and Organizational Readiness
Week 3: Roles and Responsibilities of Directors
Presenter: Dr. Theresa Ricke-Kiely
17 Introduction to Governance
18 The Role of the Board
19 Legal Requirements and Duties
20 Board Committees and Functions
21 Evaluating Individuals & Boards
22 Recruitment and Retention
23 Trends and Best Practices
24 Dashboards and Return on Investment
Week 4: Producing An Efficient Board Meeting
Presenter: John Tropman, PHD
25 Board Mission Leadership
26 Effective Board Meetings
27 Board Principles
28 Information and Process Management
29 Board Meetings: Agendas
30 Board Meetings: Executive Summaries and Presentations
31 Board Meetings: Reviews and Assessments
32 Board Implementation
Week 5: Maximizing Board Effectiveness Through Systems
Presenter: Thomas Harvey
33 Current US Nonprofit Environment
34 Essential Roles of Board Members
35 The Corporate Reality of the Board
36 Group Theory
37 Asking Awareness Questions and Solving the Authority Problem
38 Application of Group Theory to Board Practice
39 Board Law and Other Systematic Practices
40 Maximizing the Meeting and the Agenda
41 Reflection of Key Concepts
Week 6: Nonprofit Law for Board Members and Executives
Presenter: Lloyd Hitoshi Mayer, J.D.
42 Introduction to Nonprofit Law
44 Fiduciary Duties
43 Fiduciary Duties
44 Best Practices
45 State Regulation
46 Federal Tax Law: Permitted Purposes and Activities
47 Federal Tax Law: Transactions with Insiders
48 Federal Tax Law: Political Activity
49 Other Common Legal Issues
Week 7: Nonprofit Budgeting and Finance
Presenter: Ed Hums
50 Accounting Terminology
51 Accounting Principles and Concepts
52 Types of Accounts and the Accounting Equation
53 The Basics of Financial Statements
54 Expense Analysis: Part I
55 Expense Analysis: Part II
56 Contribution Margin and Profit Planning
57 Budgeting and Forecasting
Week 8: Strategic Planning
Presenter: John Michel
58 Strategic Thinking and Execution
59 Assessment and Analysis
60 The Five Forces Framework
61 Strategic Positioning
62 Nonprofit Innovation: Part 1
63 Nonprofit Innovation: Part 2
64 Strategy Execution
65 Growth/Project Selection
66 Course Conclusion