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Legal Issues in Human Resource Management

Legal Issues in Human Resource Management

Make Smart Employment-Related Decisions For Nonprofits

This course focuses on legal issues in human resources management. It provides managers of nonprofit organizations with the legal knowledge they need to help ensure compliance with the laws and regulations governing employment relationships. After an overview of the American legal system in general, the course will cover the main areas of law affecting employment relationships. This includes discrimination law, labor law, contract law, the Family Medical Leave Act, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the principle of respondeat superior. The course also reveals the variety of legal resources available to guide managers as they make employment-related decisions in the private sector.

Legal Issues in Human Resource Management

What You’ll Learn

  • The American System and Governance
  • Employment Relationships
  • Employment Discrimination
  • How to Prevent and Defend Employment Discrimination
  • Family Medical Leave Act and Fair Labor Standards Act
  • Labor Laws
  • Tort Law and Liability
  • Additional Federal and State Laws Impacting Employment Relationships

Who Should Register?

Legal Issues in Human Resource Management is designed for individuals who are – or aspire to be – involved in the interaction and development of human resources within a nonprofit organization and need the legal knowledge to do so effectively. It is ideal for nonprofit professionals who do not formally serve in an HR position but still have occasional HR-related responsibilities. This course can also benefit nonprofit employees more generally, helping them understand how to protect their organization from legal conflicts.