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Nonprofit Business Administration Syllabus

Lecture # Subject Title
Week 1: Philanthropy and the Charitable Business Model
Presenters: Thomas J. Harvey, MS
  Robert B. Jones, BA, MSW, PhD
1 Course Introduction
2 Introduction: Bob Jones
3 Interview with Tom: Definitions of Philanthropy
4 Interview with Tom: Component Part of Philanthropic Activity
5 Interview with Tom: Planning and Management in Philanthropy
Week 2: Social Enterprise
Presenters: Thomas J. Harvey, MS
  Dom Betro, BS, MSW
1 Introduction: Dom Betro
2 Introduction to Social Enterprise
3 Understanding Social Entrepreneurship
4 Strategic Positioning
5 Leading Change
6 Evaluating Risk
7 The Case for a Social Enterprise Approach to Managing and Leading Nonprofit Organizations
Week 3: The Importance of Research in the Nonprofit Sector
Presenters: Thomas J. Harvey, MS
  Elizabeth Boris, BA, MA, PhD
1 Introduction: Elizabeth Boris
2 Interview with Tom: What Does Research Say About an Organization’s Impact on Individuals?
3 Interview with Tom: Types of Organizations That Receive Donations
4 Interview with Tom: What are the Big Trends You See in Civil Society Impact Investing?
Week 4: Leadership and Governance in Performing Arts Organizations
Presenters: Thomas J. Harvey, MS
  Andrew Kipe, BA
1 Introduction: Andrew Kipe
2 Interview with Tom: Leadership in Performing Arts Organizations
3 Interview with Tom: Roles of the Board, Artistic Leader and Chief Executive
4 Interview with Tom: Creating Internal Alignment Within the Organization
5 Interview with Tom: Manage Change Within Your Organization
Week 5: Establishing the Narrative for Your Work: Framing or Reframing an Issue
Presenters: Thomas J. Harvey, MS
  Irv Katz, BA, MSW
1 Introduction: Irv Katz
2 Panel Discussion: How Are Messaging and Framing Different?
3 Panel Discussion: Mobilizing Action on the Frame
4 Panel Discussion: Universal Lessons of Framing
5 Introduction to Framing Human Services Partners
6 The Disciplines of Framing
7 Framing and Human Needs/Services
8 Leveraging the Assets of NPOs
Week 6: The Importance of Validating Best Practices and Quality Assurance in Nonprofit Organizations
Presenters: Thomas J. Harvey, MS
  Richard Klarberg, BA, JD
1 Introduction: Richard Klarberg
2 Introduction to Validating Best Practices and Quality Assurance
3 What is COA?
4 Understanding COA Accreditation
5 What’s So Special About COA Accreditation?
6 What Should/Does an Agency Do to Get Ready for COA Accreditation?
7 The Final Accreditation Report
Week 7: Advocacy at the State Level
Presenters: Thomas J. Harvey, MS
  James Purcell, BA, MS
1 Introduction: Jim Purcell
2 Introduction to Advocacy
3 Interview with Tom: Advocacy for NFP vs. For-Profit
4 Interview with Tom: Aspects of Advocating
5 Interview with Tom: Examples of Advocacy
6 Interview with Tom: Why Advocate?
7 Interview with Tom: Dos and Don’ts When Advocating
Week 8: Media Relations: Managing Your Media Message to Build Support for Your Nonprofit
Presenters: Thomas J. Harvey, MS
  Joseph Slye, MA
1 Introduction: Joe Slye
2 Panel Discussion: Developing a Relationship With Your Local Media
3 Panel Discussion: Prepare for the Media Interview
4 Panel Discussion: The Interview
5 Panel Discussion: The Interview Follow-Up