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Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership

Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership

Register for the Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership program and acquire the skills essential for managing and leading your nonprofit organization, including raising capital, marketing your cause, budgeting and allocating of assets, all for the goal of creating positive, measurable social change.

SAVE $945

$4,995, a SAVINGS OF $945 when purchasing the full 3-course track

In just three courses, you will build leadership skills that foster success as well as earn a new certificate that represents an important milestone for each course you complete. Each course reveals how the savvy business mind turns nonprofits into highly efficient organizations. You will begin with the fundamental aspects and history behind the nonprofit sector, move into the nuances of board governance and then end with various strategies for raising funds and other assets. This professional development series provides the knowledge and skills to:

  • Transform program measurement from a punitive exercise to a healthy growth opportunity
  • Make significant contributions to the success of nonprofit organizations
  • Lead transformational change for the greater good
  • Develop an understanding of board development and management roles
  • Recognize the responsibilities of board members and the strategic issues they face
  • Effectively raise capital via fundraising and writing grants

Who Should Register?

The Executive Certificate in Transformational Nonprofit Leadership is ideal for those who are considering entry into a nonprofit organization yet lack formal business skills, as well as managers and board members already within such organizations who are looking to improve upon their own effectiveness. This series teaches the skills and methods nonprofit organizations utilize to meet the unique and increasingly difficult challenges they face.

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