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Executive Education Faculty

Samuel Miller, BA, MS, MBA

Samuel Miller | University of Notre Dame

Sam Miller is an Associate Professional Specialist at the Mendoza College of Business, teaching course work in strategic foresight at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Since 2008, Professor Miller has been a member of the team that developed and launched this pioneering program. Prior to joining the Mendoza faculty, Sam served as Vice President of Strategy for JFNew, a leading ecological consulting firm where he led innovation and strategic initiatives.  In his 25 year career, he has held strategic management roles in the Fortune 500 and has been a successful entrepreneur.  In 2009, Sam was recognized as one of “21 People Who Will Change Business” by BusinessWeek.

Sam holds a Master of Science in Product Development Engineering from Northwestern University, an MBA from the University of Michigan, and a BA in Economics from the University of Illinois.  

Subject Matter Expert in: