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What is Executive Education?

The term executive education is described by Wikipedia as graduate-level programs for managers and/or entrepreneurs at business schools. These types of programs strengthen the skills of professionals who want to enhance their experience with recent credentials. Executive education programs also offer the opportunity for updated skills, career advancement and increased salary.

How Can Executive Education Benefit You?

Primarily, executive education sets those with the additional credentials apart – or above – those that don’t have advanced training. For example, earning an executive certificate can provide you with a solid understanding of core leadership skills and illustrates your career dedication to your superiors and peers. A professional certificate from a highly respected, accredited university also adds prestige to your résumé. As a professional, nothing can solidify your business skills or make you stand out from your colleagues like executive education and new credentials from a top-tier university.

Where Do You Find Helpful Executive Education Information?

You’re already on the right track. By locating and reading this article you’ve already discovered some useful information on your quest for executive education. The best part is you’ve also found the most ideal professional development options available from a nationally recognized, accredited university you know and trust – the University of Notre Dame. This world-class university offers 100% online courses in some of today’s most in-demand fields, along with prestigious executive certificates that mark the completion of each course.

What Executive Education Programs Are Available From Notre Dame Online?

For more information about Notre Dame’s online executive education programs call 800-441-5617 or use our online form to request more information.