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Alternatives to an MBA

By Bisk
Alternatives to an MBA

MBA Alternatives: The Mini MBA

While an MBA can be invaluable to a person’s career, more and more professionals today are looking for MBA alternatives. That fact is, a full-scale MBA program presents too large an investment of both time and money for many working professionals. In order to meet the growing demand for a quicker, more affordable way to gain MBA-level skills, some business schools are introducing ”mini MBA“ programs. MBA alternatives such as non-degree, non-credit executive certificates cost far less than traditional MBA programs, and also represent a much smaller time commitment, providing greater flexibility for participants.

Who Needs a Mini MBA?

Business professionals who are looking to succeed as managers in virtually any department of a company – from sales to marketing to accounting – need to understand not only their own job, but how their role affects the organization overall. MBA alternatives such as mini MBAs can help them see the bigger picture and empower them with the expertise to develop sound business plans, increase productivity and profitability, and more. These programs are ideal for businesspeople who:

  • Are preparing for an MBA
  • Already have an MBA but want to master new work skills
  • Want to advance within their company or create new employment opportunities
  • Are entrepreneurs and want to manage their own company effectively

The Advantages of MBA Alternatives

The University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business offers 100% online, three-course executive education programs. The Executive Certificate in Business Administration covers many topics contained in a standard MBA program and carries with it all the prestige of a top-tier traditional university. What’s more, it provides unequaled benefits that make it ideal for busy professionals:

  • View class lectures via streaming or downloadable video, anywhere, 24/7
  • Learn on a flexible schedule with no required login times
  • Get assistance from professors and classmates through instant chat, live virtual classes and office hours, group study, messaging and discussion forums.
  • Choose from convenient monthly course start dates
  • Finish each course in only eight weeks

Explore one of the best MBA alternatives – an executive certificate from the University of Notre Dame, 100% online. 

See Frequently Asked Questions for online requirements, accreditation, class schedule and more.


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