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Certificate in Business

By Bisk
Stand Out With a Certificate in Business Administration
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How can a certificate in business administration help you stand out from the crowd? It distinguishes you as a qualified leader. With the Economic Policy Institute reporting in April 2010 that “The ratio of unemployed workers to job openings was 5.5-to-1,” it’s more important than ever to gain a competitive advantage. According to the Springboard Project’s American Workforce Survey, “We are experiencing a ‘great reset’ into a new global economy that continues to become even more knowledge-based and demands ever-higher levels of skill and education to drive innovation and productivity.”

Why It Matters

There is a greater need for qualified professionals with advanced skills. You may have years of work experience, but attaining professional education, such as a certificate in business administration, can be essential to your career. The American Workforce Survey reports that, “The American workforce has reached a critical juncture; even when the unemployment rate declines, new jobs will require higher levels of education and skills than many of the jobs of the past. Our workforce increasingly finds itself lacking the skills and education demanded by the growing needs and challenges of today’s global marketplace.” The report continues to explain that, “The need for better results has never been greater. Workers who lack credentials or evidence of the skills, knowledge and experience valued by employers will continue to have difficulty finding employment. And all workers will need to keep their skills up to date throughout their working lives.” But what’s the best way to update your knowledge, skills and credentials?

The Importance of the Three “R”s for Business Credentials

Not to be confused with the three “R”s you may remember from elementary school (two of which weren’t actually Rs in the first place), these “R”s are essential elements of the career-enhancing credentials you seek as you earn your certificate in business administration. They empower you to: distinguish yourself, gain added value, open the door to more job opportunities and increase your income. Most importantly, these “R”s represent the recent, relevant and recognized credentials that provide you with a competitive advantage in a challenging business environment.


Refreshing your skills as you learn the latest tools and techniques is a critical part of professional development. By having current credentials you also show your career dedication.


Earning a certificate in business administration enhances your expertise while providing you with applicable knowledge and skills to strengthen your career.


A professional certificate from a highly respected, accredited university adds prestige to your résumé. Choose a nationally recognized university or college with a stellar reputation for high-quality business education.

Distinguish Yourself With Recent, Relevant and Recognized Credentials

Primarily, executive education sets those with the additional credentials apart – or above – those that don’t have advanced training.The American Workforce Survey also suggests that, “Getting ahead and staying ahead also requires that we all become ‘learning workers’ who continually improve and update existing skills and who are willing to keep learning as new knowledge emerges and new skills are in demand.” By earning valuable business credentials, such as an Executive Certificate in Business Administration, you’ll set yourself apart from your peers.

Advance Your Career With a 100% Online Certificate in Business From Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business

You’ll stand out with a certificate in business administration from the University of Notre Dame. Consistently ranked among the best national universities by U.S. News & World Report, Notre Dame offers the career-building Executive Certificate in Business Administration 100% online. This comprehensive professional development series increases your proficiency in key business concepts and techniques. You’ll learn how to translate theory into practical applications, enabling you to plan and implement changes that can have a profound impact on your organization. The Notre Dame online Executive Certificate in Business Administration program gives you these advantages, as well as the skills and knowledge to develop, implement and fine-tune business strategy, with these three dynamic courses:

Principles of Business

This first course of the Executive Certificate in Business Administration creates a solid foundation by familiarizing you with the vernacular used in different areas of the organization and incorporates the topics covered in many traditional MBA programs. You’ll acquire a working knowledge of organizational behavior and communications, accounting, economics, globalization and more.

Disciplines of Business

Throughout this course you’ll gain a functional perspective as you explore other business areas and determine how you and your department fit into the broader organizational framework. As the course progresses, you’ll develop a holistic view of operations, finance, marketing, enterprise valuation and other critical disciplines.

Applied Business Strategies

During this final course of the Executive Certificate in Business Administration you’ll learn how to bridge the gap between strategy and execution by way of competitive analysis, strategic planning and examining your company from multiple perspectives. You’ll also acquire a suite of versatile tools that will help you identify, choose and implement business strategies that address individual, functional and organizational goals.

Is This Certificate in Business Administration Program Ideal for You?

This dynamic online program is a great way for you and others in your organization to learn proven business strategies that can help increase your company’s efficiency, productivity and profitability. If you’re interested in expanding your knowledge of core business disciplines, this program is definitely for you. There are a variety of individuals who may find this certificate program especially helpful, including:

  • Business professionals
  • Functional managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Small-business owners
  • Aspiring managers and executives

Experience the Advantages of Online Education

As you earn your Executive Certificate in Business Administration through the University of Notre Dame’s dynamic video-based learning system, you’ll be immersed in a multimedia environment that lets you study at your convenience, around your busy schedule. And you won’t be alone. This business administration training program is carefully designed to maximize your interaction with fellow participants and instructors alike. All of Notre Dame’s 100% online certificate programs provide these unmatched benefits:

  • Anywhere, 24/7 Learning
  • Streaming Video Lectures
  • MP3 Audio Lectures
  • MP4 Video Lectures
  • Message Boards and Virtual Whiteboards
  • Live Chat Rooms and Voice Over IP
  • Dedicated Email
  • No Campus Attendance Required

Find out how you can stand out with a certificate in business administration from U.S. News & World Report-ranked Notre Dame – 100% online!

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