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Online Business Courses Designed for Today’s Business Professionals

By Bisk
Online Business Courses Designed for Today’s Business Professionals
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In today’s fast-paced, highly competitive environment, online business courses offer an ideal way for busy professionals to gain an edge. According to the Springboard Project’s American Workforce Survey, “Even in the midst of a historically deep recession, soaring unemployment and limited job creation, 61% of U.S. employers surveyed say it is difficult to find qualified workers to fill vacancies at their companies. This study also found that “American workers are highly receptive to the message that lifelong learning is a must in today’s world, with 81% of those surveyed saying they are interested in taking training or courses outside the workplace.” But surprisingly, despite the reported interest and incredible opportunities available through online learning, only a small percentage of professionals have taken advantage of online business courses.

Why Aren’t Professionals Getting the Training They Need?

There are many obstacles facing today’s professionals that have limited both participation and completion of their education and training. The American Workforce Survey reports that convenience, cost and time are the most problematic, although “62% would be very likely to pursue training or education if they were offered greater flexibility such as classes offered year-round and at times that accommodate their work schedules.” Besides program costs, other concerns that impede professionals from enrolling in professional training include:

  • The credibility of the institution offering the program (i.e. accreditation)
  • Whether the credentials will be nationally recognized
  • The value employers place on a degree or certificate
  • What sort of portability will the credentials have within an industry
  • Whether it’s worth the investment

How Online Business Courses and Virtual Training Can Help

As the economy slowly recovers from the recent recession, it is more important than ever to distinguish yourself as a knowledgeable, skilled and qualified business professional. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) consistently shows that workers with less education have fewer job prospects than those who have progressed further in their education. You can see the obvious correlation in reports from the BLS that “Education pays in higher earnings and lower unemployment rates.” Although it may seem a bit daunting to maintain your current responsibilities as you attain much-needed credentials, online business courses make it convenient and possible. However, it’s important to note that all online business courses are not the same.

Finding the Best Online Business Courses for You

As you search for your ideal online professional training program, you should narrow your list by choosing only those online business courses offered by nationally recognized, accredited universities and colleges that have a reputation for high-quality content. Be sure to evaluate the ease and functionality of the online learning technology, as well. For example, lectures delivered via streaming video allow participants to pause, rewind and replay presentations to ensure comprehension. Some programs offer MP3 and MP4 downloadable lectures for even greater flexibility and learning on the go. Another feature of well-designed online education programs is multiple communication methods. You should be able to connect with your professors and fellow classmates via dedicated message boards, chat rooms and email any time of the day or night. The University of Notre Dame offers all of these benefits – and many others – through its online business courses.

Why Notre Dame's Online Business Courses Are Ideal

The University of Notre Dame's online business courses are designed for today’s professionals who want to improve their performance and enjoy the advantages gained from certificate programs. You can increase your marketable skills, distinguish yourself from the competition and prepare for future success with Notre Dame’s dynamic online certificate programs. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to learn proven strategies from the same esteemed graduate-level professors who teach on campus at Notre Dame’s top-ranked Mendoza College of Business. Throughout each course you’ll acquire new skills you can begin applying immediately – and new credentials to enhance your résumé. Choose from:

Credentials You Want From a University You Trust

In today’s highly competitive market, your success depends upon being an effective communicator, manager, leader and decision-maker. Energize your career and make yourself more marketable by earning new credentials 100% online from one of America’s finest universities. U.S. News & World Report-ranked Notre Dame offers three sought-after executive certificate programs that distinguish you in any industry! Discover the ideal online certificate program for you:

Executive Certificate in Negotiation

As you complete this three-course certificate program, you’ll gain the power to improve interpersonal relations, develop more effective decision-making strategies, and enhance your influence and success in any business setting. You’ll also:

  • Acquire an increased understanding of the role of interpersonal skills in influencing outcomes and achieving greater success
  • Tap into your own leadership competencies and learn to lead more effectively through both verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Leverage strategies to produce optimal outcomes while working with difficult people and challenging situations
  • Apply techniques for working more effectively one-on-one, in groups and across cultures

Executive Certificate in Leadership and Management

Whether you’re in charge of a single project or influence your entire organization’s overall strategy, this three-course leadership training program equips you with effective ways to distinguish leadership from management. You’ll also attain the tools you need to take on the right role at the appropriate time, as well as:

  • Assess the needs and motivation of individuals at all organizational levels
  • Sharpen your decision-making ability, coach effectively and resolve conflict
  • Enhance your skills in giving and receiving feedback
  • Use self-assessment tools to develop your own unique leadership style

Executive Certificate in Business Administration

This comprehensive professional development series increases your proficiency in key business concepts and techniques. You’ll learn how to translate theory into practical applications, enabling you to plan and implement changes that can have a profound impact on your organization’s efficiency, productivity and profitability. Plus, you’ll gain sure-fire skills to develop, implement and fine-tune business strategy, as well as:

  • Evaluate and forecast a firm’s current and future financial performance
  • Identify business opportunities within a global economy
  • Create and implement a strategically sound business plan
  • Align individual and organizational values

Experience the Advantages of Online Education

Through the University of Notre Dame’s dynamic video-based learning, you’ll be immersed in a multimedia environment that lets you study at your convenience, around your busy schedule. And you won’t be alone. These online business courses are carefully designed to maximize your interaction with fellow participants and instructors alike. All of Notre Dame’s 100% online certificate programs provide these unmatched benefits:

  • Watch lectures via streaming or downloadable video
  • Download video and audio lectures and listen when you’re on the go
  • Benefit from 24/7 access that lets you learn anytime, anywhere
  • Complete projects individually and with other participants
  • Collaborate in real time with faculty and classmates through virtual office hours and study sessions
  • Communicate via live chat rooms, instant messaging and email

Discover how you can increase your career success with online business courses from Notre Dame – 100% online.


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