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Notre Dame Student Spotlight - David Platt

By Bisk
Notre Dame Student Spotlight David Platt

My name is David Platt, I am originally from San Antonio, Texas. I retired from the U.S. Air Force on Nov. 1, 2016 after 30 years of service. I am in the process of being hired by USAA as a business adviser, and plan to work there for the foreseeable future.

What courses did you select and why? 

Although I have a Master of Science degree in Administration and completed several advanced leadership courses in the Air Force, I found I needed some advanced education in the area of management and leadership.

In 2015 I visited the campus at the University of Notre Dame and saw an advertisement on the Professional Certificate in Management and Executive Certificate in Leadership programs. I knew I needed to expand my knowledge of these two areas as I looked for employment in the private sector, so I decided to take the courses. 

What was your motivation for taking the class specifically and the decision to do so online? 

Basically I wanted to expand my knowledge of management and leadership. I decided to take the courses online because it worked out best with my separation from the military and future work schedule. 

How did you determine you wanted to take your course through the University of Notre Dame? 

Notre Dame has an incredible legacy for its core commitment to education. The opportunity to take Notre Dame courses wasn’t one I could pass up. 

How was your online experience with the University of Notre Dame? Could you expand on the collaboration with professors and other participants, as well as your thoughts on projects, work load and level of satisfaction? 

The experience was phenomenal and the professors were outstanding! They made the subject matter easy to follow, and their real-world examples added to each lesson they presented. The workload was balanced and the education from each section of the program was perfect. 

Did you find anything in the course that surprised you, a revelation or an “Ah ha!” moment? 

The business law portion of the management course – and that’s a good thing!  The explanation of how the law works and how it’s tied to certain portions of the business world was very unique. 

Do you feel the course helped you to deal more effectively with management issues and techniques? If so how? 

Yes! There was a portion of the management course that dealt with change. To me it’s always easy to talk about change, but having a section that helped me evaluate myself and how I fit into the big picture of the change process was hugely effective. 

How will what you learned from the class be applied to your work life? 

It will help with planning, legal assessment, coping with change and conflict resolution within my areas of responsibility. 

Do you feel this course has altered or transformed your approach to your work or your personal life? 

The course altered it a lot. From a military approach, things are usually pretty straightforward. But in the civilian world you have to be able to be open and flexible to the issues at hand. This program definitely helps with that. 

Would you recommend the course to others? 

Yes, I definitely would. 

Do you see yourself taking more classes in the future?


Do you prefer taking courses online or in a physical classroom? Likes and dislikes? 

For my work schedule, online courses are best. It is very flexible, allowing you to plan your study time around family, work and other responsibilities.


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