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Last Updated March 12, 2019

In today’s ultra-competitive business environment, executives and managers often have varying degrees of leadership skills and training. While obtaining comprehensive leadership skills training is the best way to integrate key leadership responsibilities into the workplace, understanding and utilizing the following tips can help you resolve conflicts, improve employee performance and lead change throughout the organization:

  • Lead by Example
    This is one of the most important leadership skills. If you demonstrate a strong work ethic, your staff will follow. As an executive, you have a responsibility to manage and guide the staff, to inspire enthusiasm and stimulate their interests. Make sure you look out for their welfare and they will be appreciative of your efforts by being productive and maintaining high company standards.
  • Ensure Long-Term Organizational Success
    Focus on the long term. While there are numerous factors that could steer your company off-track – the changing economy, the board of directors or technology in your industry – you need to stay focused on the long-term success of your organization. Otherwise, there will be no roadmap or plan of attack.
  • Improve the Organization from Day 1
    From the day you start your position, it’s up to you to ensure that you grow your organization. Work on making your company more streamlined, fiscally sound and more respected than the day you walked in the door.
  • Focus on the Big Picture
    Because boards prefer to operate at the micro level working on minor details and small projects, you’ll have to work at refocusing them on larger strategic issues with abstract or undefined results. This will take effort on your part, but if you don’t push them to do it, nobody will be doing the board’s job.
  • Ask Tough Questions
    Part of your role as an executive is to ask the tough questions, even if it risks putting your job in jeopardy. Hard-hitting questions such as, “Is this in the budget?” or “Is this ethical?” can stir up controversy, but it’s better to ask than hold your silence and violate the trust to strengthen the company.
  • Have a Basic Understanding of the Job and Organization
    It’s simply not possible to know all the ins and outs of every position within the company. Try to have a basic understanding of key roles within your organization, and make sure to keep informed of the growth and changes within your industry through local executive societies and publications.
  • Be Committed
    Who cares? You do! By demonstrating commitment to your organization, your staff, your profession and your industry, others will be inspired to stay enthusiastic about their roles and contributions to the company. If you demonstrate any sort of negativity, others will soon follow.
  • Maintain Integrity
    Much like leading by example, you always want to keep operations above board. Don’t conduct any business in secret or that you wouldn’t want the media to cover. Speak up about processes or issues that you know do not follow the company’s ethical standards. While speaking up takes a great deal of courage, keeping silent can destroy your company and your career.

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