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Effective Negotiation Techniques

By Bisk
Effective Negotiation Techniques

Learn How to Get What You Want Out of Any Situation

Effective negotiation techniques are useful in many everyday situations: in the workplace with colleagues, during a sales transaction or even within personal relationships. Defined by as “bargaining (give and take) process between two or more parties (each with its own aims, needs, and viewpoints) seeking to discover a common ground and reach an agreement to settle a matter of mutual concern or resolve a conflict,” negotiating is a skill set which few of us can afford to forego. Though you undoubtedly already possess many important business skills, you need to complement them with effective negotiation techniques in order to reach the next level of professional success.

Master effective negotiation techniques with 100% online training from top-ranked Notre Dame.

A Primer on Effective Negotiation Techniques

In an article on entitled “Effective Negotiation Techniques,” online content writer Carolyn Williams offers five ways to ensure a satisfactory negotiation process.

  • Have Confidence – Regardless of how badly you may need a certain outcome from your negotiations, never let the other party think that you are desperate; doing so puts you in a weaker position and gives them greater leverage over the situation.
  • Come Prepared – Before you go into any negotiation, make sure you have considered all variables which might arise. Should unexpected issues come up, end the negotiations and educate yourself on the new matter before rejoining the process.
  • Build a Buffer – Never begin with your final offer. Give yourself a sufficient “cushion” between what you are asking for and what you actually want. This will enable you to make compromises without giving up anything important, and demonstrates to the other party that you are flexible.
  • Know Your Limits – Decide beforehand what your absolute minimum outcome is, and do not be afraid to leave the negotiations if you cannot get it.
  • Stay Cool – If negotiations become argumentative, walk away and “take five” to reassess your situation. If the other party is not willing to come to an acceptable compromise, consider whether it is more beneficial for you to continue or to simply end the negotiations.

Where to Learn Proven Effective Negotiation Techniques

The three-course Executive Certificate in Negotiation, offered 100% online by the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, empowers you with the skills you need to prevail in business negotiations and beyond. Learn effective negotiation techniques from the same distinguished professors who teach on the Notre Dame campus, with the convenience only an online program can provide:

  • Watch lectures via streaming or downloadable video on a flexible 24/7 schedule; there are no required login times
  • Discuss course topics with instructors and classmates using instant chat, live virtual classes, and office hours, group study, messaging and discussion forums.
See Frequently Asked Questions for online requirements, accreditation, class schedule and more.

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