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Negotiation Skills Training

By Bisk
Negotiation Skills Training

You need effective negotiation skills training to succeed in the world today. Typically you negotiate every day – in your personal life, social life and business life. In fact, any time you’re communicating with another person, you will potentially be making some sort of negotiation. There are also times when your negotiation skills are critical, such as when buying a house or trying to close your next big sale, and when negotiating a business contract or discussing your salary. As you can see, strong negotiation skills are essential for your personal and career success.

Why Negotiation Skills Training Is So Important

In today’s highly interactive, multicultural world, negotiation – the ability to interact with and influence others – has become more important and more complex than ever. American lawyer and author, Gerard I. Nierenberg, lists a wide variety of real-life negotiations in this excerpt from his book, The Art of Negotiating:

  • Two children squabbling over dividing an apple.
  • A manager making a suggestion.
  • A sales representative trying to arrange an appointment.
  • A couple deciding what to do on their night out together.
  • Management and union officers meeting to present needs and establish priorities.
  • A real estate agent showing a house to a couple who is “just looking.”

Nierenberg explains that “All of the above are aspects of the negotiating process. When human beings exchange ideas for the purpose of changing their relationships, we call this process ‘negotiation.’ …the activity of negotiating is universal. It is used as a means of achieving one’s goals in every relationship, regardless of circumstances.”

He continues by saying, “This broad view of negotiation opens our minds; we see that we negotiate every day, in every way, in every relationship. The art of ‘negotiation’ – which is rooted in the study of human behavior – is applicable in all life situations.”

How Can You Negotiate Your Way to the Top?

To attain the best negotiation skills training you need an expert-based, university-backed program preferably with 100% online convenience. The University of Notre Dame offers an online negotiation skills training program that gives you the opportunity to study negotiation techniques from one of the nation's premier business schools, when and where it’s convenient for you. From Notre Dame's prestigious Mendoza College of Business, this comprehensive professional development series gives you the knowledge and skills to:

  • Better understand the role of interpersonal skills in influencing outcomes and achieving greater success
  • Develop more effective strategies to produce optimal outcomes
  • Achieve optimal outcomes – in any negotiation, no matter what your profession or industry!

Attain the Most Effective Negotiation Skills Training!

Whether you communicate across continents or conference tables, the Notre Dame online Executive Certificate in Negotiation expands your leadership competencies and teaches you ways to be more effective in verbal and non-verbal communication – in one-on-one, group and cross-cultural situations. Based on the same material as the negotiation curriculum in Notre Dame's campus-based MBA program, this dynamic negotiation skills training program can improve your analytic and communication skills, increasing your negotiating confidence and paying dividends for the rest of your life.

See Frequently Asked Questions for online requirements, accreditation, class schedule and more.


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I have successfully renegotiated my current consulting contract with the help of some of the strategies learned in the Negotiation Essentials class. I was not negotiating for more dollars, I was negotiating for an extended period of time with less hours spent in coaching and strategy sessions for the same amount of dollars. In the end I was successful...I received a reduction in hours needed to be spent in the clients office, the contract was extended throughout 2014 and they kept the rate steady!

Kari Glennon

Category: Negotiations