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Online Convenience with Online Program Offerings

Listen to the Director of Executive Education Explain the Benefits of Online Offerings.

By Bisk

The online programs we present provide you the opportunity to experience Notre Dame without having to be here on campus. We know there are a lot of people from across the country and around the world who would like to take advantage of the educational opportunities that Notre Dame provides. Our online offerings allow you to be able to do that. They provide you convenience because you can learn at home, at work, while you travel and you can learn at your own pace. You can determine how fast or how slowly you want to go through programs and you can determine which courses make the most sense for you and build a program that is customized to your personal developmental needs. Thank you for considering our online programs. We know that they benefit people on the regular basis. We get tremendous and positive feedback from the participants about how valuable what they’ve learned is to be able to help them do what they do better. So congratulations as you want to continue your career. I know that the programs and the content that we offer will help you do that. Go Irish!

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